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April 22, 1970 is the day a modern environmental movement took its oath to protect our planet — Earth Day. Since then, Earth Day has gathered millions of people from all walks of life to contribute and act to protect our planet. 

Now, on its road to almost five decades of taking action to diversify, educate and activate society, organization and individuals, we at WildAway would like to invite you to join us to take a stand for our planet for the 2019 Earth Day. 

What’s really going on?

Think of these: jewel-blue streams, crystal clear rivers and luscious trees enveloping thick forests. Fresh waters from the falls drizzling down rugged rocks and the scent of fresh morning air passes through your nostrils. Somewhere, in the midst of some virgin forest, there, lives a harmony between animals and plants.  

Draw a picture of gentle snow dropping on your pavement. Just a week after that, spring blooms on your yard and your heart jumps in glee as colours brighten up your soul. 

Imagine all of these — imagine them all — all but a dream. Not for you but for the generations that follow.  That horrid future is not too far if we don’t take charge of taking care of the only planet that takes care of us. 

So, what’s really going on?

  • Some 41 000 species are on the IUCN Red List and more than 16 000 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction. Tigers, gorillas, orangutans and Sumatran elephants are on these lists.

  • 50% of rainforests that once existed are already cut down. If we don’t do anything about it, all rainforests will disappear in 40 years. 

  • Melting polar ice caps may not sound scary but the effects are. Hotter planet and rising sea levels, those are beyond slasher horror. And a not-so-fun-fact? A comprehensive satellite study shows that our ice sheets are melting faster than ever. 

  • Pollution is responsible for 3.7 million of deaths a year. Pollution harms humans, animals and the planet in general. Sadly, we humans, top the list of polluters. Think of any kind of pollution to the Nature and it would probably trace back to us. 
  • Oceanic dead zones started popping around. The North America’s Gulf Coast is now a place where marine life cannot survive due to high contamination of harmful chemicals. How horrible it would be if this happens in our neighborhood?

These are just a few of the many threats that our planet and us, human beings face. You could easily conclude; we are in serious trouble. While we can’t bring back the Pyrenean ibex, Caribbean monk seal or Tasmanian wolf, we can surely take a stand to protect and nurture what’s left. 

Change starts with you

This fragile, little blue planet needs you and as much as you can do to contribute. You’re not just one human wandering through the faces of this world. You’re far more than just a footprint to this universe.  You’re a heart, a soul and a being. Your home is calling for your help. There’s nowhere else better to start to take a stand than you. 

You probably already know the basics to this: recycle, reduce and reuse. These all sound too easy to do. Until you get to do it.  These habits take practice, commitment and dedication. 

It all starts with the little action you take. The moment you take commitment of helping the planet, you are training your mind to be conscious with your decisions. Your own habits reframe your mind to think that every day is Earth Day. From using a clothesline instead of a dryer, using a travel mug instead of grabbing those disposable cups — when you’re conscious, it’s easier to do the right thing. 

About Earth Day 2019

Every year, the Earth Day Network highlights on a theme. The 2019 Earth Day’s theme tackle to protect our specie. This year’s goals according to the Earth Day Network are to:

  • Educate and raise awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of this phenomenon.

  • Achieve major policy victories that protect broad groups of species as well as individual species and their habitats.

    Build and activate a global movement that embraces nature and its values.

  • Encourage individual actions such as adopting plant-based diet and stopping pesticide and herbicide use

Stand with a tribe

“People like us do things like this”, says Seth Godin. You can have an impact as an individual, but imagine how much power we have if we stand together? If we go to the front line and take actions that help this planet heal. 

We, at WildAway invite you to join us and let’s stand with this shared mission to protect our planet. We partnered with Adventure Aide in America to highlight our efforts on this year’s Earth Day.  With this, we are joining forces and we are launching an International cleanup campaign and you’re invited! 

Let’s come together to celebrate Earth Day by joining in a cleanup near you. There is a Facebook event we are pushing, as well as the ability to host your own cleanup through the Adventure Aide mobile app.

Lead a tribe or join ours. Our vision at WildAWay from the very beginning has been set on the principle of creating adventures to help heal the world. Through playful interactions with nature, we can rebuild and start to rebuild our relationships. Relationships with ourselves, each other and the earth. 

Earth Day 2019 resolutions

Forty-nine years later from the day Earth Day was officially created, the efforts to protecting our only planet continues. Here are some resolution suggestions:

  • Go on, adventures away. Adventures, especially those spent with nature in the wilderness, help you connect with the earth and appreciate more of this planet.  
    Do your adventures with WildAway. The more outdoor adventures you go on, the more chance you have to help clean up the wilderness! We have outdoor adventures for all folks from all walks of life. Into the highest mountains or the bluest oceans, there’s something created for you and our planet. These outdoor adventures will also impact your daily decisions, as you start to think planet first.
  • Spread the word. You might know about the amazing benefits of the outdoors. But is your work colleague, or neighbor or friend aware about this? Let’s all help people that would otherwise not go into the mountains or the ocean to experience the magic. Make it a resolution to introduce at least one person this year! 

  • Be an amazing human.  This world is your playground, go on, be an amazing human being the one who cares for this planet, its people and its beauty. Let’s adventure together to help this world heal. Every conscious decision you make, impacts this planet. Since Earth Day is fast-approaching, we encourage you to join WildAway’s International Cleanup.

Adventures, you and Earth

Adventures are more than just adrenaline rushes. They open our eyes to beauties that we don’t usually see when we live with the mundanity of the modern world. 

What are the key takeaways to adventuring?

  • You are but a tiny, passing thing. When you stand on a peak of the mountain, you’ll realise that, indeed, you are, but a tiny dot to this planet. The grandeur of Nature sets before your eyes will humble you. 

  • This is our sanctuary. And there’s no other planet like this. Whether the adventure takes on a top of the mountain or to the beach, in the wilderness or inside a cave, Nature has its way of reminding us, that this planet is our sanctuary. 

  • You are one with Nature. Experience the world clash in with your soul. As you disconnect with the mundane and reconnect with your inner being, your boundaries break, and you become one with Nature. 

  • This planet isn’t just for us. It’s for them, the generations ahead of us.  It’s for all the breathing organism in this world. So, we, as beings of highest intellect, have to do our part to protect it while we’re here.

Take a stand

Astronauts call our planet, the tiny blue marble. Yet, from where we stand, right on this very ground, it’s an enormous sanctuary that needs our protection. Are you ready to take your stand?

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