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Building Tribes in your Company

Written on 17-10-2018 by Nancy

Why you need to build a Tribe in your company? When I decided to set up my own company, I found the deeper I traveled into the whole mesmerizing process, the more my list of needs grew. And that’s completely normal for a start-up; even the simplest of ideas can use a lot of resources …

Mental Health Day – Does Adventure Help?

Written on 10-10-2018 by Nancy

The Natural Environment As Our Primary Health Service.  Have you ever tried to open the front door with your car-key zapper? It happens because our brains are programmed to see connections. Media and marketing companies know all about this. If connections don’t exist, they’ll create them, encouraging us to relate, manipulating our minds into believing …

Why do we need adventure?

Written on 03-10-2018 by Nancy

Here’s a question: do we really need to physically interact with nature? I mean, couldn’t we get the same (or at the very least similar) health benefits from simply observing it passively or from exposing ourselves to it from the back of a tour bus say, or from a visual-reality headset? The simple answer is …

Calling All Jiu Jitsu Clubs – We Challenge You!

Written on 21-09-2018 by Nancy

Calling all Jiu-Jitsu Clubs – We Challenge YOU! As a means of strengthening your core, gaining fitness and increasing your social interaction, Ju Jitsu is incredible — so empowering yet humbling at the same time and it focuses on respect, how to give and earn it, in equal measure. Though health is a broad concept, …

The Man on the Ditch

Written on 17-09-2018 by Elaine Prendiville

A common sight along roads in rural Ireland is a man standing in a ditch.  Sometimes he is leaning back into the ditch, arms folded, belly arching outwards. Sometimes he is holding an axe, a pike or a shovel looking out at the road.  People assume he may be travelling on his way somewhere or …

10 ‘Leave No Trace’ Rules when Camping

Written on 31-07-2018 by Jasmine Eldred

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than heading into pristine nature just to find yourself stumbling across the remnants of what appears to be a mini Glastonbury. We all know that awful scene of burnt grass and plants from an untamed fire, beer cans rolling around in the breeze, and snapped tent poles sticking out …

Common Dolphin

Written on 31-07-2018 by Jasmine Eldred

Out of all the sea creatures I have encountered in my life, there is none quite like the Common Dolphin. Sitting at the bow of a boat, looking down on these magnificent creatures in the water beneath, is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures! If you’ve never seen a common dolphin before, please add it …


Written on 31-07-2018 by Jasmine Eldred

The foxglove is native to western and southwestern Europe, northwestern Africa, as well as many parts of Asia.  The scientific name means “finger-like”, referring to how easily one can put their finger inside the bell-shaped flower. In Irish they are called Lus Mór, meaning the great herb, it was considered one of the most magical out …

Take Care of Yourself – Go on an Adventure!

Written on 31-07-2018 by Georgina Downes

For most of our adult lives, we don’t live in the present; we live in the past and dream about the future. Our wilful, subconscious minds spiral off in never-ending trains of thought, reviving old wounds, causing us to stress about what may happen tomorrow. Yet we still believe that at some unspecified point in …

Interview with John Lenihan

Written on 31-07-2018 by Wild Adventure Way Team

Caroline interviews John Lenihan, former mountain running world champion and initiator of Glanageenty Walkways, County Kerry, Ireland.