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Frequently Asked Questions

WildAWay is a unique, Irish-owned website that gathers like-minded, eco-friendly activity leaders from around the globe and lists them under one roof. This means that you, the conscientious adventure-seeker, need look no further in your quest for fun. With us, you can choose your experience, book and pay for it, all within a couple of clicks of the mouse. But we really are more than a booking platform. Our site also features blogs from our expert contributors, information on all things nature-inspired, upcoming events, interviews with motivational heroes and just about anything else we think is inspiring. We actually believe adventure can heal the world and that adventurers, in turn, can be healed by it.

We are, and so are the millions of people who want to experience an adventure that will enrich body, mind and soul, without costing the Earth. Our team is made up of a band of warriors (peace-loving, of course) bent on a mission to inspire each and every one of you to go on an adventure! Our team, based in Ireland, are experts at hooking up eco-conscious activity seekers with eco-conscious providers. Simple as that. We’re for the great outdoors and for experiences that let us interact and connect with nature. Even our techies un-plug from the grid regularly and go off hiking.

Our core values say it all:

Eco conscious – We only list providers who share our vision of preserving and protecting nature and the environment.

Animal Friendly – Wild animals don’t pollute our environment and we believe we shouldn’t pollute theirs. Furthermore, we think it’s our duty to respect and protect them. We are focused on focus building beautiful, symbiotic relationships with the wildlife on this planet.

Inclusive – Anyone who chooses, regardless of age or diverse ability, should be able to go on an adventure. We believe this and so do our providers, therefore we are always working together to remove the barriers that might stand in the way.

Caring – We care about our adventure experts, we care about our adventurers, we care about the planet and all the animals… we care about you! (someone, get us a room already)

Easy! Just use the Destination Finder on our homepage and type in where you want to go OR use the interactive map on the homepage. Any problems, you can always get in touch with us at or through Facebook messenger!

Yes! You can contact the adventure provider directly through our inbuilt WildAWay direct messaging system.

The providers are asked to respond to messages and requests within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard anything within this time, firstly let us apologise and secondly, get in touch with a member of the WildAWay team through Facebook or e-mail us. We will try to get things resolved ASAP – we take respect and responsiveness very seriously and any provider who shows a pattern of not responding will be removed from the site.

Yes, but only after you have confirmed the booking at which point personal information will be released. At this point you will receive a confirmation e-mail. By keeping all communication within the WildAWay site, we can help you if any issues arise.

We totally understand how plans change. In this case you can contact the adventure provider through the direct messaging system at any point to change your booking, subject to time and availability. Keep in mind that some of the experiences may be governed by stricter cancellation policies – this cancellation policy is set by each individual adventure expert.

You can pay using a debit/credit card or Pay-Pal. Your payment is processed safely using trusted vendors and fraud prevention tools. We do not store your payment details. After your payment is submitted the money is held securely in Wild Adventure Way’s virtual wallet account. The payment is only sent to the adventure expert once the adventure has been completed.

All prices are clearly marked beside each adventure listing. The full price will be shown once the date and number of guests has been selected. All the price listings shown are set by the adventure experts and are non-negotiable – so don’t bother haggling!

The cancellation policy is predetermined by the adventure expert and is mentioned in the description of every adventure listing. You can view the Cancellation Policy page here.

We’ve got your back! If your adventure expert is a no-show, we will refund you in full for the adventure not provided. Kindly send an e-mail to and let us know the details. Do this straight away as it’s in the best interest of everyone to get the refund request submitted within 24 hours. Our adventure providers are usually super reliable but anyone exhibiting a pattern of cancelling or not showing up will be removed from WildAWay.

For Leaders

  • Create account
  • Click on ‘My Account’ (top right-hand side of window)
  • Select ‘Listing’ from the menu and click the ‘+Listing’-Button

Absolutely! In fact, the more the merrier!

No, we do not. This is an open, free space for you to show off your incredible experiences and activities to the world!

Once you have completed all the details of your listing, the WildAWay team will review it and be in touch within 24 hours with approval or editing suggestions.

From each successful booking, WildAWay will accept a 15% fee.

Good for you! We LOVE innovation! Introduce yourself to us at and we will gladly make changes to the site to ensure your listing is appropriately listed.

You must choose the most suitable cancellation policy during the time you are creating the adventure listing. Note that WildAWay collects the payments from adventurers on your behalf. This means you will not be required to manage cancellations or refunds personally. If a booking is cancelled you will be notified in your Account Dashboard.

If you feel you have and experience to share, get in touch! Once there is no animal exploitation or excessive environmental pollution/impact, Wild Adventurer Way will be happy to consider it.

We accept people who are kind and caring and offer fun adventure activities that are based around health, happiness and positivity! These individuals can either be freelancers or well established businesses. Just once they are passionate about what they do, love the planet and want to share!